• Image of 'Sounds of the Written Word' A3 Poster

This photo was taken by our good friend Ben Wood of Aperture Alternative in early 2015.

We went out one freezing cold evening to try and capture some shots which would encapsulate Eva Plays Dead. We took jerry cans of fuel, fire wood and some cool gear with the intention of using them to enhance the photo but the simplicity of this image really caught our attention. We went to use this as the artwork for our EP 'Sounds of the Written Word' which we released in July 2015 through SoundHub Records. The EP has gone to receive great attention from press, blogs and radio across the UK and the world, we've played some great shows as a result of the release and we've got a load more planned going forward because of everything which has happened.

This image summarises our year so far. The support we've received from our fans is spectacular and we want to share everything with you, so we're making these posters available alongside the rest of our new merchandise.

*As we send out orders in batches, they can take up to 2 weeks to arrive. Thanks in advance for your patience but feel free to e-mail us if you would like an update.*